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011 Hemp Biolight May Outgrow Climate Deficit the Fastest.

Hemp is a better carbon sequestration tool than slow growing trees. Despite the CrowtherLab.com report on mass reforestation carbon storage, trees grow slowly needing 10-50 years to mature depending on the varieties. Carbon emissions are compounding in magnitude. A biophotonic forestry trial in drought ridden Australia grew trees 10-30 feet the first year that don't usually grow past 1-2 feet. Imagine how much more carbon was stored to produce that growth? Hemp grows 13 feet in 100 days making it the fastest co2 to biomass conversion amplifier. Hemp crop yields from $20-100,000 an acre.  In September we will have data from a 5,000 acre hemp farm using another biophotonic science. See: http://mavis.science-center.net/index.html. See: What are Biophotons and how they work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lANXaLismNU

PlantAmplifier.com and GeofieldFarming.com could grow a supernatural hemp by amping biophotonic inter-cellular, cell to cell and species to species communication and eco-synergy for higher yields, wider spectrum compounds, fiber and carbon storage. 

Some say that until 1883 hemp was America's largest crop and was legal tender and 90% the base ingredient of the worlds paper from 1631 to the early 1800's. Hemp is now approaching legalization in 50 countries. It could be the single best self funding amplifier of a new global ecological economy with 50,000 uses providing locally grown housing materials that continue to sequester carbon with products like hemp Crete. Hempshield.net says most hemp processing expense is not needed with their proprietary 50 years of research based tech and biochar, graphene substitutes and possibilities such as hemp based computer chips. Cannasystems.ca says 216 million acres of cannabis could store 41 billion tons of CO2.

Tropical climates like Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii could be a showcase for a hemp climate victory because you can get 3- 4 crops per year. PlantAmplifer could apply to blue carbon champs like kelp, mangrove and the blue forests of sea grass since the amplifier factor works 40 times better in the marine environment. Coral and mangrove studies are near completion. 

Temperatures of 100 to 120 degree Fahrenheit for weeks may become norms in many countries say some conservative climatologists. PlantAmplifier treated plants have tripled the biophotons on plant surfaces while removing their susceptibility to man made EMF (see Dr. Martin palls link to 10,000 studies and the EMF climate factor and how few knew). PlantAmplifier allows plants and soil organisms to draw upon unused molecular and possibly genetic resources to thrive at 107 degrees when most can't cope after weeks of 94 degrees. The plants also use 1/3 less water and release up to 3 times more oxygen while up-taking more broad spectrum nutrients. 

Since age old redwoods can't adapt ,it's no surprise that coffee, citrus, cocoa, barley and even hemp may need the climate resilience only biophotonics has been documented to provide in rigorous studies by universities in America and abroad. Climate and population factors have 12 countries in Africa on the verge of legalizing GMO foods and loosing their indigenous seed library. An Australian university verifies hemp may be the all round carbon storage and food bank to bank on, as growers monetize its compounding underground yield to super grow the new carbon economy that could be used to profit growers of any plant.

Indigo Ag plans to do so by contracting over 1 million farmers to grow and sell soil carbon on 4 million acres by 2020 with a 10 year goal of drawing down 1 trillion tons in 10 years. A PlantAmplifier representative is challenging their Teraton challenge department goal to be reached in 5 years with less resources, training and maintenance. Indigo Ag plans to scale and deploy easily, rapidly and affordably to secure climate victory.

For the Caribbean accelerator, Dr.Joannne Chory's ideal plant, the land institute's perennial wheats, Kernza, 4 per 1000’s carbon farming, and other admirable global restoration projects, have vision and capital yet lack the PlanetAmplifier factor to repossess our carbon impounded based economies. You may say there is a myriad of fire sale climate opportunities for first adopter visionary companies and countries who accept our PlantAmplifier planet challenge.

To which is to implement and see next frontier advances in 100 days on any terrestrial or aquatic grow project well beyond their best average with a no or low financial risk.

This friendly challenge is offered by PlantAmplifier.com representing the inventor, Ioan Davidoni who with 55 years in biophotonic science is known as the Tesla of Europe. After 55 years, we've learned the language of light generated in the DNA in all cells (see MelunaResearch.nl for myriad biophotonic academic references). The light within all life is as important as the light without from the sun and the moon.

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