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010 New Climate Wine Sensations

  1. Startling improvements in wine flavor, aroma, yield and more are pouring in from the use of PlantAmplifier.com employing biophotons to enhance any  form of life in any real world climate circumstances. Studies include Michigan University's on apples among 20 other studies from others sources involving blueberries, coffee, oranges, grain, hemp, mangroves and more. One of California's largest vineyards is privately marveling at the benefits of PlantAmplifier. A world famous lab will verify coral reef revival in September. This plant and life science started in 1923 when Dr. Alexander Gurvich discovered mitogenic rays which biophysicist Dr. Fritz Pop called biophotons in 1974. He further documented their existence and properties with electron microscopy and photon multipliers. Many Nobel laureates like Ilya Prigogine have corroborated and furthered their work and reputable labs in 10 countries have found extraordinarily biophoton features and applications in dozens of fields. Meluna Research is on the front lines of many forms of biophotonic science.

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  1. PlantAmplifier.com and GeofieldFarming.com could climate empower 2 billion farmers in 3 years and sequester well over 1 trillion tons of atmospheric CO2 where it becomes an interest bearing new economy making a renewable global circular economy and ecology a reachable reality in unprecedented time with partners like Indigo Ag, 4p1000.org, and FridaysForFuture.org. Nations and corporations who awaken in time to the new climate and smell the coffee to take action will make immeasurable contributions in any sector of society. Biophotons from each cells DNA coordinate all information in all cells beyond the means of any computer in real time with the speed of light and super non thermal coherence. Biophotons seem to coordinate all communication between all organisms. The Tesla of Europe, Ioan Davidoni has perhaps best synthesized all biophontonic science for the most practical agronomy and all life science advancements. Working for 55 years his 900 inventions, 300 in commercial use, and 56 global patents speak for themselves. His planetary medicine may be in the top 12 contributions to global restoration.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_0004.jpg This is a picture of the Plant Amplifier Inventor of Ioan Davidoni receiving one of his many international science awards. The Nicola Tesla academy directed by Mladco Ragici is implementing a program offering free octograms, an invention described on plantamplifier.com, to all students nationwide.

  1. The work of Dr. Joanna Budwig, 7 time Nobel prize nominee, and PhD physicist and chemist, 50 years of work corroborates Ioan Davidoni's work. She shows cellular order is optimized when unheated oils like hemp and flax are combined with sulfur rich proteins allowing cells to make more biophotons from electrons in sunlight and admit optimum oxygen levels. In 1913 two time Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg showed 35 % reduction in cellular oxygen causes uncontrollable cell division. The Budwig protocol has reversed this in 3 months or less via the Budwig vital formula.
  2. An article in The New York Times predicts 1 million different animal species may be lost in the next ten years if we have that long. Certainly humans are on the list. Some presidents say the weather is fine while fast tracking a global 5-100g network, which even NASA says will disrupt weather satellites. With the deployment of 200,000 5-100g satellites, PlantAmplifier.com and GeofieldFarming.com neutralize  the manmade EMF and its effects of which are verified in over 2,000 studies regarding plants and people. See acclaimed author and presenter Dr. Martin Pall, the retired Washington state cellular biologist and biochemist. See also 5gspaceappeal.org. 5. In a parallel manner GeofieldFarming.com has synthesized the highest geo-photonics from ancient and modern biophotonic paradigms for 34 years. The best Chinese universities have not been able to reverse  engineer it for 7 years. GeofieldFarming.com neutralizes signals of all categories dissonant to native biology with a radius up to 500 miles and perhaps further. Simultaneously it broadcasts invisibly and silently 10,000 proprietary coherent and balanced biophotonic oscillations 24/7/365 which benefit all non predatory, non parasitic organisms. GeofieldFarming.com devices are solid state and require no power. The stainless steel units can fit in a compact car and have a written 120 day refundable guarantee in most circumstances. Devices are designed with hubs that treat a radius of 1 1/2 miles, 5 miles and up to 500 miles.
  3. PlantAmplifier.com biophoton amplifying crystalline beads last 7 years with a 1 time application. This allows plants to adapt to 107 degrees. Most plants can't cope with 94 degrees for extended periods. PlantAmplifier.com also increases soil moisture retention by up to 50 times and triples oxygen production while automatically making cellular water super coherent and increases the plants uptake of silver from the soil up to 350% which leads to repulsion of unfriendly bacteria and fungi. These effects may lead to the end of citrus greening, coffee's rust roya and a growing number of global pathogens. We predict that soil carbon storage records will be far surpassed with these 2 biolight companies and have informed Indigo Ag as much.
  4. Those who listen to and use the higher quantic laws beyond the limits of the so called immutable 4 laws of thermodynamics will lead the future ecologically and economically. Reforestation milestones need super acceleration and we stand ready to scale and provide it far more economically and with less labor, training and maintenance for mass reforestation. Nations like Pakistan, Ethiopia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, and Israel are planting or planning billions of new, non GMO trees needed to update and mandate the new climate restoration science.
  5. A geofield.com application grew trees 10-30 feet in 1 year, when they don't usually grow past 1-2 feet in the first year, under any condition. The extreme growth was in a 12 year severe Australian drought. Can you imagine the expanded root architecture and corresponding trunk and branch strength of such plants? In that same drought with temperature highs of 110 F for 80 days in a row we harvested a bumper crop of silage corn with yield 30% above normal. 24 inch circumference oranges were also grown with above average sugar and mineral content.
  6. A major portion of Australia's Coomera River was fully bio remediated of extreme red tide. Whatever plants are grown in whatever conditions have higher nutrients on less land using less water, energy and labor. Terpinolenes increased 1,400% in another application. Blueberries have grown in the snow and CEOs of several publicly held hemp companies have called me, including distinguished geneticists.
  7. In the next 3 weeks we will have a study on 5,000 acres of hemp in California available to select parties. Biophotonics is an indispensable factor in global restoration. The management of cellular light is the  cosmic inner secret that makes Nicola Tesla's transformational alternating current look small in comparison. Coffee, barley, cocoa, corn and redwoods literally face extinction from climate swings, insect, bacterial and fungal pathogens. These affect terrestrial and aquatic organisms on a cellular and DNA level. Implications for people's health is as profound. I am invited to speak to a leading Caribbean nation's parlament safe climate food sovereignty coalition who will consider adopting our biophotonic sciences on a national level. Contact us for details, prices, distribution details, and media inquiries.
  8. Tesla's 1902 Niagara Falls power station surpassed 31 states. Bio-light will power the quantic era employing all bio-fields and liberation harmonic bandwidths. The new safe climate quantic era; based on the light, power and knowledge in all cells; Harnessing the wheel works of nature for the world of cells in all organisms.
  9. Tesla said all beings are engines geared to the universe and the quantic era will allow borderless sharing of bioinformatics and a unified earth like never before.

Light in plant and animal, the practical use of bio-photons – Gaia Campus

Bio-photon behaviour pictured for supermarket tomatoes (at the left side) and very healthy and fresh tomatoes (at the right). The picture at the left shows that the tomato is leaking energy, wheres the picture at the right shows the tomato maintaining the energy and its order – it is more coherent. Source: Meluna.


The octagram is the result of 20 years of research. This purse size 6 gram geometric crystalline composite neutralizes 80% of all harmful emf from all electronics within 30 feet of the user. See the online article by Claudia Stan at taifasuri.Ro. For taufasuri magazine. We’ll have a lab report on chromosome, dna protection And organ regeneration by August 10 from a Rumanian private health clinic and validation of telomere extension from a world famous lab in the fall. Available Reports show the octagon has increased the benefits of supplements, food and water by up to 10 times. We have extensively, detailed testimonials from users from California to Canada and Europe with more benefits that space in this article allows.
---Michigan state university professor Phillip Schwallier 1 year study found apple yields increased 18 times with the well named plant amplifier. Agricultural innovations are being tested in Africa, Mexico and Costa Rica and we have studies in water, livestock and poultry in New Zealand and researcher on environmental improvement from 60 cities in Europe.

Search for the PDF version of the book Photonic Crystals, Molding the Flow of Light to see some of the theory, structure, future use of photonics. Ioan Davidoni and his son, Cipriani are rewriting this tome regarding photonics and biophotonics creating a better world to harmonize the needs of nature and man. We may call this geo-bio-photonics for a unified world of abundant bio light.

Our mini 1.6 foot high pyramid has a height to width ratio that is adjusted 2 degrees from the pyramids at Giza to accommodate for the depleted magnetic and photonic fields of the earth currently generated by many compounds and electromagnetic frequencies. The benefits radiate 656 feet at a cost of $300 retail. The Giza pyramid effects have been diminished greatly due to much of the 144,000 2 ton polished dielectric limestone casing stones having been removed by invaders as well as the gold capstone. Our inventor says he has the keys to reactivate the great pyramids benefits. Meanwhile, he brings many of the therapeutics benefits to every home with the mini pyramid.

Magneto-Quantum Pyramid - pack
Magneto-Quantum Pyramid - interior

These fields and their effects can be measured by the latest metrology technology. Ancient wisdom and much metaphysical lore can be scientifically proven, improved, made user friendly and commercially available at affordable prices. Those who choose can be part of the planetary climate improvement with new era quantic science integrating and improving all sciences.


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