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009 Dear Tree Sisters

  1. Dear Tree Sisters, Kudos to your army of  Peaceful restoration 1/4 million women who’ve planted 2 million trees a year with a total of 5 million in the tropics renewing the local ecology economy and planet.

  1. The  bio-light method -the results of 55 years of work by the Tesla of Europe, Ioan Davidoni described  at the modest plant amplifier.com site, can increase transplant survival and allow each tree to grow faster, stronger and deflect the increasing impedance of growth and normalcy in all cells by EMF reported by Katie haggerty, forestry phd.click on her study at helix grow.one at the  get educated about EMF /rf. part, of the site.for other readers new to this document, see treesisters .com, their partners like eden reforestation and others.search photonic  crystals and see biophonton you tubes.plant amplifier .com start up web site refers to their product as a fertilizer and future upgrades will clarify it enriches the biome yet is not a plant or animal substance.bio light crystals are nano beads of quartz,jade, gold, silver and natural ores  that amplify all plants and beneficial microbes and lasts 7 years amplifying all cells inner and outer light communication resilience, DNA defense and evolution.evidence shows 1 biolight tree may do the work of 3 to 33 . All biolight plants average a 30% better yield, use 30 % less water.the beads cause water to form hexagonal molecules which allows soil to retain water  10 times longer.see plant amplifier.com.benefits are seen in 3-4 weeks. ultimate green .com is an organic agricultural company in Florida very impressed by the benefits,affordability and ease of use.
  2. Of the 20 studies, some in progress, some show plants thriving in 107 degrees for extended times when many won’t do well past 92. Even equatorial plants are challenged by climate flux and EMF which has already risen from 3 to 26 g in some countries and may reach 100 globally through a 200,000 satellite system likely to be deployed in 3 years. 5 g space petition, Dr Martin Pall, cell biologist and biochemist conversant with many of the 10,000 studies on EMF many of which are online. EMF crisis, less EMF, EMF conference 9/6-8  and under the ionized sky trilogy reveals that CO2 climate challenges are a part of a much great climate dynamic paradigms and plan. Much of this is addressed by plant amplifier science which neutralizes 5-7 g .simultaneously, recessive traits of all life may be catalysts by tripling the efficiency of the biophoton internet and millions of interactions each minute coordinated and recorded by the biophotons. Other advancements like photosynthesis, sap flow,mineral uptake and increase in virtually all valuable bio compounds easily reach levels perhaps not attained by any other approaches though all best practices and their benefits can be added to. See the Ebner Effect sites, you tube posts and steam it articles. Plant amplifier has increased terpenes  1200 %.
  3. Similar biophoton company has grown trees 10-30 feet high in one year that don’t normally grow past 1-2 feet and in a 12 year drought with 108 temperatures inner  light agronomy grew 24 inch circumference flavorful oranges in the same vicinity and a bumper crop of corn 11 feet high with a variety that never exceeds  7 with 30% above average yields while soil microbes were empowered to remediate decades of glycophospte and hard pan.
  4. We suggest citrus greening, rust Royal that could cause the loss of all citrus and coffees could be circumvented along with many new vectors. Quantic crystals  are bead  seeds catalyzing soil microbes to uptake 350% more silver creating a super conductive immune system, harnessing many wave, field and particle bandwidths of which biophotonincs is one of many. NASA uses silver and trace elements of other noble 8 precious metals for water treatment.
  5. In September, a world famous lab will peer review publish their study on our biophotonic quantic era unified sciences restoring a coral reef. We find biophotonics works 40 times better in aquatic environments and want to bring this to spirulina and algae growers for the highest yields, nutrition and biofuel applications. Details on the historic development of biophotonic and quantic era unified sciences and arts is at the global restoration menu of golden opportunities development mbt .com.
  6. We hope to formally propose to  reduce. reuse. regrow a quantic treatment  of their seeds imbedded in their compostable  bio cups and or many cross marketing options inferred to by listing here, some of our many acquaintances. A growing number of Carribean and African officials government officials are  interested  in how we propose to help their food crops, livestock mountain forests, coffee, cocoa etc. and we wish to address the 26 nation Caribbean accelerator to create vertically integrated, circular economy to safe climate nations in 3 years. Plant amplifier and the environmental rescue alliance llc .with decades of data on earth restoration is master minding a quantic era citizens kit for the first quantic era nation and nations to  show case global restoration any citizen can use to bring their home and community  to a new gold standard of health and  wealth that’s never been more challenging in history.any group may apply to be a quantic era founder. Several publicly held hemp companies are evaluating  plant amplifier as is indigo labs and we hope, crowther labs with their real time world forests audit satellites. We will propose a quantic mangrove reforestation with the right introduction and are fans of FMNR agroforestry ,soil secrets .com,natural action technologies and ag-USA .com we who we know personally with the exception of FMNR and Terviva with their super pongomia tree variety based on 9 years of work. These and others are great plant and planet  amplifiers.

Biophotoic frequencies are in the infrared to ultraviolet range 3D image

  1. We’ve had advisory requests from Pakistan’s ministry of forestry to improve their reforestation tsunami planting of 5 billion trees of 40 native varieties. Employing local residents and marvel at Brazil’s muvucca with similar achievements and different means using super diverse native trees ,shrubs,medicinals etc. Ethiopia’s 1 billion trees planted and their church forests are of special note as is the president of turkey mailing a tree seed to every citizens on national forestry day.
  2. Philipines  high school and college students  are required to plant 10 trees in order to graduate automating reforestation to scale in 1 generation.china requires all citizens to reforest and pays them for doing so. China planted 1 billion  and lost them all from mono culturing poplar which was susceptible to 1 bacteria.
  3. Tree sisters has a unique charm and balance restoring feminine power and grace as a planetary medicine with bio sensibility and a natural giving back to nature. Plant amplifier needs partners of all kinds and hopes to win those privileges at a pace counter to the rate of deforestation and biodiversity loss in the global community.we see 2019 as a turning point based on unprecedented collaboration at scale to rise to humanities greatest challenge.
  4. We envision 13 original founders or qualities as the tipping points for a quantic era world in our lifetime.

August 14, 2019

Eddy Taylor 1050 words


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