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008 Safe Climate Power Plant and Planet Harmonics

1) A unique in the world, global, safe, climate action roll out, began viral growth with safe, user friendly technology on April 15th 2019.

2) Real world deployment, to heal and improve all living things within communities and ecosystems, for a radius of 1 - 1/2 miles to 500 miles. It begins in North America, as the current focus, installation of the technology of June 21st 2019 on a California 5000 acre medicinal hemp grow.

3) In Cleveland, Australia 1,500 mi from Perth, the geofield farming hub has been working silently and invisibly 24/7/365 days for 6 years, affecting a 60 mile radius near the Coomera river. Every drop of water in the Coomara has been affected by modern day, biblical red sea plague in the form of red algae, which should be green, but is not, because of extreme hypoxia.

4) Corn that has not been grown over 7 feet is now 11ft high with 30% higher the yield. All this in a vicinity that has been in a severe drought ifor 12 years; in some cases in 125 degree temperatures 90 days in succession. We have pictures of oranges 20 inches in circumference that are far more flavorful and nutrient dense. After decades of synthetic farming, within 6 years, the hard pan is transforming into living soil via super proliferation of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and archea. In Washington state, we have 100 year old pear trees bearing 400 pounds of fruit. We have pictures of eagle nesting on towers that support insulted high tension lines with 650,000 volts. We have pictures of frogs sitting on power strips and cats feeling comfortable sitting near TV sets. This technology is biologically endorsed by nature herself. In this bio dynamic field, emf no longer degrades oxygen, see the scripps oceanographic report on global oxygen depletion

5) Studies on carbon emissions and EMF global proliferation, the global oxygen supply, in Australia university has documented the entire radius of a geofield hub having a balanced, super coherent field nourished by 10,000 proprietary bio photonic rates - and - ionic content. We have reports of the geofield converting ac circuits in buildings and motors into more efficient production and biologically enhancing, thus offering rural and urban restoration. The super coherent field empowers and accelerate all plants even at night. After thirty four years and 11 million dollars on research and development, with 1000 units in 20 countries secretly deployed, operating and monitored refined by dozens by PHD environmental scientists, in physics, optics meteorology, geology, biology, plant physiology and so much more. We are ready for an Apple, Amazon business moment in climate safety prepared for mass adoption and now are bringing this technology to the world starting with North America at this time. We are already negotiating the use of geofield farming for a 20,000 acres hemp grow in Canada.

6) One Geofield farming hub treats 3,000 acres; 2 treat 100,000 acres. More than that in those areas is not needed.

7) Meanwhile, the CEO & founder of www.hempshield.net, with 50 years in hemp and cannabis, who played a primary role in legalizing Canadian hemp farming, is just starting to investigate the geofield farming promise, by monitoring two to three hemp cannabis grows with a combined potential total of 25,000 acres starting in June with anticipated significant reports on yields and advancement by July 4th.

8) Front range bio sciences sells disease resistant high yield hemp seeds and geofield seeds may be the seed of many new industries setting new standards beyond organic, Eco certified, non GMO etc. I am refering to Geofieldfarming.com, which incorates biophotonics science and technology which optimizes biophotons

9) With biophontonic enrichment we achieve nutrient density, more bio active compounds and possible new valuable recessive traits, new plant varieties, super carbon sequestration abilities, expanded carbon monetization, watershed recovery. We haven't even shown what may be done for indoor cultivation of produce for companies like sunset bright farms, hemp technologies and spirulina farms like sunrise.com

10) Ray Hamilton at www.ormusminerals.com and www.OrmusForPlants.com are planning many further studies needed to verify our composite, family of sciences; in the area of seed enhancement which we will introduce to seedfreedom.info, resilience.org and plant biologist Dr. Joanne Chory in San Diego, recreating extreme climates in a 7 million dollar greenhouse. See her youtubes on carbon sequestration. Ray suggest reading "Scientists discover signalling circuit boards inside body's cells" https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190524102755.htm

Secret of Life by Georges Lakhovsky http://www.fundebien.org.mx/pdf/THE_SECRET_LAKHOVSKY.pdf

The Oxidative Effects of Wireless Radiation


How Body Voltage Dictates Health and Disease

Electroculture, Good vibes for Agriculture

BioPhotons, Light, Life, and 728 Hz

The Oxidative Effects of Wireless Radiation


11) Hemp oil with painkilling CBD, among 100 pharmacological, therapeutic compounds is Congressionally green lighted by Congress and Kannaway's non gmo oil is listed on the physicians desk reference, says retired oral surgeon Dr. Roger Boger, an expert on the body's cannabinol receptor system, apparently in every cell.

12) Investors put $10 billion in North American cannabis in 2018; twice the investment of the last 3 years combined. The 2019 market will reach $16 billion and market saturation is nowhere in sight. We foresee we may be the convenient truth for safe climate and super secure food and other economies in all climates from Tibet to Tucson.

13) As Oprah says "the future of life is being determined now by what you do or don't do”. Prove us right or wrong; the innovations of nations is your invitation.

14) Globalization can shift to local self-reliance. Alaskan peony grower,
Michell Lafrinier, says 80% of cut flowers in 48 states and Canada are grown and flown  in from other countries. Consider how Geofield grow science would upgrade her market competitiveness; despite all the laws and noble global agendas.

15) The Geofield hub uses bio-photonics not sound or magnetism and the primary inventor should be eligible for multiple nobel prizes and the Right Livelihood Award given to Tony Rinaudo, the forest maker who did not plant one tree. In 2009, Katie Hagerty reported on the effects of radio frequencies on quaking aspen trees, in Lyons, Colorado in the international journal of forestry.

16) The anonymous inventor of the Geofield farming hub studied ancient science and the megaliths of India, Egypt, and anomalies like the New Delhi iron pillar, many which tend to be on aquifers, as was Tesla's transmitting towers in Colorado Springs and Wardenclyclfe, NY., which Doug Yurchey documents in two interviews by George Norry on 08-28-07 and 09-27-07 having studies geo grid history, physics and math for 33 years. He claims the earth natural electo-magnetic power grid was hacked 12,000 years ago. Doug says the hundreds of grid points, found by Bruce Cathie and Carl Munck, were substations of the 13 original colonies and outposts of the original civilizations linked through the locals of the 13 grid-points. He alleges Nicola Tesla's land, sea, and air project was designed to fire up that grid.

17) Ironically, on April 4th, I was approached by a close friend of 13 Native American tribes growing Hemp, Alfafa and managing a large forestry project. We may be visiting there within the week.

18) Raphael Mechiulam, CBD system discoverer and Jordan Tishler, Harvard M.D., association of cannabis specialists President are some of the foremost world visionaries of what plants can do for a safe climate and we will introduce the geofield promise to them with whoever chooses to be a qualified representative in any field of endeavor which is virtually all fields and many not yet envisioned by anyone currently.

19) Kannaway has many products, including, CBD pure isolate oils, full spectrum oils and capsules, salves, vapes, pet products, hemp clothing, gum, skin care products and currently, released a coffee and tea with CBD included. The key with these products is that the CBD is heat stable due to proprietary science. Others in the market lose the CBD due to the heating of the product prior to consumption.

20) Mrs. Karen Boger is the world First Lady ambassador of entourage, full spectrum bio pho tonics.

21) Our premise is that geo field treated plants may have exponentially improved traits for all plant applications we intend to prove categorically in America, in the next 6 to 12month that the constant demand for better living via through improved genetics. We'll find more and better CBD THC and biomass, bio char, and hempcrete which will be scientifically validated within the next 6 to 12 months. Constant demand for better living via harmonic genetics will find higher and better CBD, THC yield with geo field harmonic farming and living; much which will be scientific validated within the next 90 days .

22) Power plant enhancement is now being evaluated for Michoacán's revival of heritage corn at an elevation of 8,000 feet, in the riches volcanic soil, with a nine month growing season may make their native corn the most nutritious corn in the world. Some ethno botanists say Michoacán is the birthplace of tomatoes, beans, avocados, Chile's cherimoyas and native seed and germ plasma have more genetic potential than European versions known as heirloom seeds. These are the original heritage sites and land races stewarded by indigenous tribes of all countries and nations.

23) Santa Fe's corn-3 www.belmediagroup.com increasing native corn's adaption and thriving in our increasing climate swings, making New Mexican farming a viable way of life once again.

24) A separate project in Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico is being proposed as of this writing on June 13th for a geo field farming application on 5,000 to 20,000 acres for medicinal hemp, cannabis and a variety of crops and projects. A part of the proposal may be the radical trial of a processing method replacing decortication and retting which even the #1 producer in the world (China), is still dependent on, optimizing biomass, bio-char and bio fuel production as a template for all countries. For a state of the union overview of Mexico hemp future see joyorganics.com.

25) We propose the restoration of the Florida, Texas and California orange industry through a use case starting with a 640 acres climate solution with a 200 mile orange orchard radius project. The biophoton sun kiss could prove a template to restore citrus world wide If you have interests in the project please text 936-718-2747.

26) www.Landinstitute.org natural systems polyculture could end the plow and other historical fault line decisions and segue's into amped up global agree culture with their perennial heirloom wheat kernza available for development trials we may apply for.

27) Annual crops are 85% of the world's food supply. Tractors pulling plows, fossil fuel linked synthetic soil amendments etc., are a great portion of the co2 and other emissions from industrialized farming.

28) www.Angellabslc.com has an EMF and EMP free internal combustion engine, with compression ignition, they say runs on 70% bio diesel or diesel and 30% hho water, with greater mileage and compression, reducing emissions by over 90%.

29) It can be used on any vehicle, and ocean going vessels, while producing clean water as a byproduct. The inventor Raphael Morgado, in Lockhart, Texas has 150 inventions. 512 213 4326.

30) Ventures like www.vivaterra.com that grow other miraculous plants like the pagomia tree that is not hemp, www.northerngraingrowers.com, and agrismart inc with 1 million Ivory Coast acres for maize and palm oil and the Kansas farmers growing 800 million acres of wheat per year may all enhance their plant production multi fold.

31) The resonant geofield tech is not patented by choice of the anonymous inventor and the best universities and large Chinese corporations and universities have failed to reverse engineer it.

32) Special recognition goes to www.cannasystems.com, www.justfiber.com who don't formally represent us, or use our turnkey, viral, geo field science which crosses all borders and scientific disciplines.

33) Robert Von Sarbacher's living electrolyzer, verified in 2,500 studies over 90 years, produced Malaysia's best rice crop, doubled corn yields and grown tomatoes in the winter.

34) With His electroyzer amendment, crops on soil with glycophosphtes and aluminum based pesticides have increased zinc content 12 times, zinc 5 times, chromium 6 times unlocking magnesium role in optimizing plant's  power to harvest minerals needed for vitamin synthesis, phyto chemicals and Biophotons.

35) US Surgeon general Koop said 80% of health problems are from mineral lack.

35) The electrolzer has taken crops from a brix rating of 3 to 12 and up to 24, in record time. At 12 non beneficial insects avoid plants in favor of neighbor's sub 12 crops.

36) Food history reality documents 25 brix attracting human pests so it's wise to not always push the geo political envelope. The neem tree super plant has a similar climate endurance trait, surviving locust plagues where no other vegetation did.

37) Rob's Von Sarbacher's tech has reverted GMO plants to native genetics using the reminerliser soil amendment, surpassing Colorado yield records in droughts like DRWillards.com ultimate dark formula.

38) We've learned much from hemp genetics data analyst and cannaseur, Phillipe Henry. Malcom Lamont's frontier  hemp breeding is also creating new hemp victory power plants.

39) Hemp bound author, Doug Fine's 15 foot Hawaii hemp, at the University of Hawaii, may out grow, its self with a geofield grow tech growers collective crop circle network. 50 countries are reforming cannabis policy one of our advisers has grown hemp 17 feet high. We hope for hemp unbound with limitless possibilities.

40) The fine hope is Hawaii hemp as the words harmonic epicenter growing a model for the words 2 billion farmers.

41) China's hemp farmers make $1,500 per hectare and China owns 309 of the world 606 cannabis patents. We foresee a harmonic hemp victory for safe, self-reliant bio tech states and nations.

42) The president of Turkey is asking his citizens to plant more hemp and cannabis. See www.grizzle.com

43) President Erdogan sent every citizen tree seeds to plant on forestry day and green lighted hemp farming, which per acre, may store more carbon per acre than any other plant.

44) Osman Bilgin, the governor of Kurkareli and professor Seylim Aytac, at the the agriculture department of Ondokuz are applying for growing licenses.

45) The president says turkey could earn $100 billion a year with cannabis by 2030.

46) Including making electrical power with biomass and biofuel and be a world leader in hemp and cannabis. We'll eventually offer to bring the Tesla-Rife-pop, in part, geofield farming there and the Tibetan plateau reforestation project.


47) Where the field of dreams may flourish. Every garden and farm can grow climate solutions. As matter of trust.org says.

48) Carl Sagan theorized that hemp was the worlds first agriculture crop, after humanity left the hunter gather stage.

49) Governor of New Mexico just green lighted hemp farming. A prominent naturopath Doctor in Santa Fe is developing a geo field farming proposal for the new hemp farming in New Mexico.

50) I extend thanks to Dr. Jorge da Silva, agri life research in Texas for his receptivity to how radiant, hyperlinked, super coherent science could reinvent biofuels like kenaf, pongomia and hemp allowing all plants to grow their super power plant potential.

51) Our two primary units create the aforesaid environmental upgrades and consequent r.o.i.s., which require no power source, silently working 24/7/365.

52) The stainless steel power conditioner disarms 5 g EMF without disrupting or dissipating any electronic device and is compliant with all governmental agencies to the best of our knowledge. EMF Field Map

53) Similarly, the stainless steel light tower, broadcasts 10,000 proprietary, balanced and condensed, super coherent Biophotonic signals which end EMF impedance in the chloroplast power plant in each plant cell and the mitochondria in each human and animal cell which depend on coherent optic, Schumann frequencies and many ambient signals in earth's environment.

54) These oscillations increase the plant sap flow and better water, nutrient metabolism. What could we do to prove to improve maple syrup productions.

55) Neuroscientist Jack Kruse youtube shows why biophotoncs should be added to all electronic devices and environments. 60 hz is one of many harmonics in all AC devices out of step with harmonics native to all organisms.

56) Higher order frequencies can harmonize all or most dissonant broadcasts constantly emanating from cell phones, computers, solar installations, electric vehicles, Home, Office, hospital and factory wiring, over head wires, satellites etc.

57) Some bio physicists propose some emf impedes proton electron balance and function in all atoms.
Dr Martin Paul's studies show living cellular balance depends on positive charge calcium and negative charge potassium and emf disrupts calcium balance severely.

58) Search EMF plant photosynthesis disruption in thylakoid membranes and the essential energies for critical ATP production.

59) Think Dan Carlson's Sonic bloom and Dr. Phil Callahan's Irish round towers on an auto pilot, with round the clock performance.

60) To further understand the global biological and economic transformation of earth from a theoretical, mathematical, physics, geo biological and cartographic perspective, see Bruce Cathie's, the harmonic conquest of space, the energy grid 695, the pulse of the universe and aulterra.com with proven EMF products on a mobile phone and home basis and is expanding that sphere of influence exponentially throughout the globe in May.

61) Doug Yurchey a 33 year investigator of global grid harmonic math has a slightly different spin related to Nickla Tesla's use of grid point history in the Kolbrin Bible. See his maps below.

global_grid ancientgrid ATLANTIS-WORLD-GRID

62) See www.sacredmeasurements.com and twistedsage.com and vibesup.com; to fathom how ancient and modern signals architected the ancient world and may spark a new one, Nikola Tesla, Alfred Watkins and Norman Lockyer, Royal Raymond Rife fashion mid May.

63) www.EMFcrisis.com and 5 g space petition directors are new to us, not officially involved with us, in any way and have profound global challenge and solutions contributions.

64) EMF crisis has an ongoing global education campaign and take action event anyone can learn from and share in.

65) On another global scale environmental front, see the www.knewco.com, a new discovery by us with an extremophile proven, in Africa tech, to bloom the world's deserts with true, smart, bio safe science to benefit any city and redeem the mistakes of the world's mining companies while compensating them for their collaboration.

66) The portion of Australia's Coomara river that flows through the Cleveland region lost its hypoxia, red algae and cane frogs via the geofield broadcast.

67) We have photos of eagles nesting on towers that support high tension wires with 650,000 volts.

68) We hope environmental trust earth calm, airies tech, defender shield and all EMF solutions, from any viewpoint, will investigate the data and collaborative opportunities with geo field farming.

69) A biofield farmer in Washington says his sunflowers turn away from the sun to face the light tower.

70) A beekeeper says the light tower replaces the smoker to calm the bees while harvesting the honey. Nature has spoken; who will listen and share the news?

71) This is the new community gold bio field standard for communities like Miralon in Palm Springs and Senese in Georgia and Monterey which were described in Forbes.

72) If you thing you are EMF informed, see what you may not know by searching EMF protection for home, reduce Magnomagnetic fields by 85% - Udmy.

73) See lancet's planetary electromagnetic pollution: is it time to assess the impact? Emfsafety network and  ravencho.com

74) Most sacred sites, ancient cities, military installations, great castles, cities and capitals like DC., London and New York are placed on the grid power lines and power points and intersections discovered in the 50's by N.Z.

75) Naval pilot Bruce Cathie and shared in his 7 books. He was offered millions by governments to his mathematical earth grid operator’s manual.

76) The lines circle the earth and are 30 nautical miles apart.

77) "echos" of Tesla's 3, 6, 9 blue print to light, power and send any data via these bio-electric lines and upgrade the health and awareness of humanity with " no charge".

78) Tesla demoed part of this with his Colorado Springs transmission power, built on a grid node, invented 100 years ago. He admired Gorges Lakovsky harmonic mastery of restoring the health of plants and people. His coils has been improved upon by Paul Mario Babcock with 27 years of physics, electrical engineering and geoharmonics.

79) Those in the know have surfed the World Wide Web for millennia placing their buildings on many lines and nodes that amplify influences and radiate them literally throughout the world.

80) Cathies math showed these lines cross the universe and he proposed that they are used by all advanced civilizations.

81) See www.worldgrid.net, www.occultphysics.com, for grid harmonics atlas and software and atlas 4.0, www.damninteresting.com.

82) See also a grand unified universe described in Cathie's Harmonic 695, The pulse of the universe. Soon to be a major motion picture! :-).

83) Ether technology, by a well-known American scientist, under the pseudonym, Rho Sigma: showed how the grid here and beyond earth is harnessed for infinite energy. The forward is by former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. Leonard G. Cramp's cosmic matrix is a profound adjunct to the Cathie's legacy, relating to Von Daniken's ancient astronaut.

84) Speaking of Sagan, Mitch and Cathie regarding earth and space science and our climate safe plant harmonics; let’s go to another, different and often controversial data set, regarding frequency harmonics science as it effects all life in any domain.

85) The late, Michigan state biophysicist, ‘quantum physics researcher left us a 15 year, legacy co developed by alternative agriculture author Penny Kelly in secret for 15 years, resulting in a patented device called stress guard which didn't get commercialized yet a version of it maybe by a crop circle Patty Greer.

86) Levengood was a classic, peer reviewed, highly regarded biophysicist and the phenomenon he dared to objectify was corroborated to a great degree by Lawrence Berkeley labs, awarded 13 Nobel prizes since 1931 whose data reference will follow shortly.

87) Crop formations, unexplained plant formations and patterns also in snow, ice and sand were documented during medieval times, the Bible etc. for thousands of years in the Mayan records and other cultures. In the case of formations in crops, plants are often bent at a 90 degree angle with no harm, often with the effect lasting for months on end.

88) The team found in some cases corn seeds planted after a corn field was imprinted with an geometric pattern. Visible from the air, yielded a crop 500 % greater in yield with 75% higher nutrition value, and 5 times the conventional growth rate of normal corn crops, growing where it was too hot, dry and wet in different Locales, for other plants with a deeper stronger root architecture.

89) Dartmouth college x ray diffraction analysis verified many of the 12,000 sites in 30 countries, since the 50's had hundreds of iron Nano spheres, 10-40 microns in diameter with a purity no earthly lab could create in all a those circumstances. The iron was highly magnetized in the form of magnetite. its proposed that the nano spheres originated from meteorite dust that was drawn in by the attraction of the plasma vortexes. silicion and magnesium dioxides were also found with geometric replacement, The magnesium dioxide was found with 0.4mg per gram of soil. see www.cropcirclesnorway.com

90) Many soils of the world have iron deficiency impeding agri-science potential to feed our burgeoning new population with billions of more people as we lose more farmland to aridity, deforestation, erosion and synthetic soil amendments that don't often work in the 7th Generation scheme.

91) After visiting 100 crop formations and making 8 documentary’s, Greer says she knows how plasma fields -in some cases-affect genetics to produce seeds that grow food crops with 30-400% more food with up to 75% more nutrients.

92) David Wilson found some seeds grew food crops 5 times faster with 5 times the conventional yield of fruits and other produce.

93) Lawrence Berkeley labs found ten naturally occurring ,short life radioactive isotopes (vanadium 48,rhodium 102 & 102 m, tellurium 119 m, iodine 126,europium 146, ytterbium 169,lead 203,bismuth 205 and protactinium 230 that dissipate in 3-4 hours -that can only be made in cyclotrons or fusion reactors-in some soils underlying crop configurations.

94) Other labs found some formations increased the soils magnetic field up to 120 %.em has gone up to 50 Nano Teslas in some circles.

Wind hill Crop Circle Wiltshire hill Crop Circle

95) Physicists theorize spinning plasma votives emanate from the mantle ,as does the Schumann Resonance, containing spinning plasma frequencies

96) Circle seeds.com has crop circle seeds and www.notmadebyhands.com and health -House.com has water treated by u.k. Crop circles.the major of circles are within 100 miles of Stonehenge. Geo field units have been tested and refined for 34 years and are available at no risk for 120 days anywhere in North America. We hope hemp heroes will see for themselves including women grow and women of weed. We know the global need.

97) Painted mountain corn's originator has done that for three decades, naturally crossing the most nutrient dense, over 70 varieties with high and dry altitudes, excessive rain, drought, and cold conditions. Dr. Will Spencer says 50% of all heirloom corn has GMO genetics and he can reverse engineer it.

98) 70% of America's water is used by agree culture and geo restoration farming allows plants to do more with less water.

99) A most special thanks to light Ray Hamilton in Idaho who’s helped me more than anyone in the expanding Geofield universe besides the anonymous inventor and our Seattle chief distributor coordinator for our world launch starting with the North American market. See his health products legacy www.OrmusMinerals.com and www.OrmusForPlants.com

Popp discovered biophoton properties in 1974.

The DNA coil contracts 3 billion times a second and each time it generates 1 biophoton per contraction www.biontologyarizona.com


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