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007 New Light on a 3 Billion Year Old Climate Answer

Algae's 1 million species in oceans and fresh water is an ultra-carbon sink with a number of applications rivaling hemps 50,000. NASA found 1 pound of the right spirulina has the nutrients of 100 pounds of fruits and vegetables. algae grows faster than any land plant, hemp or bamboo using 1/100 of the resources see Dr Kiriac's bioage.com super food based on 20,000 person years of the most sophisticated plant science research, nonfood.com, simplicity spirulina farms & biolumina spirulina. 

The new light referred to in the title is plantamplifier.com verified ability to take all plants beyond their photo synthesis and yield threshold in these times when a virally growing number of plants and animal species can not survive planetary changes of which climate change is only one of many; be they radiation, manmade emf and factors described in the trilogy, the ionized sky in the youtubes videos of Dr Martin Pall showing how all cells of all organisms need a redress from these effects.

Plantamplifier.com suggests we address these and other challenges any leading scientists that they respect are not yet aware of. Quantic era science affordably uses many natural emf fields, wave forms and geometry's light years ahead of many sciences in a unified way any one can use to restore the health of plants, people and the planet. There’s easily 50 validations of this statement in the many posts on this site including the inventor's site davidoni.ro.

Show what you know, or hope to, and explore how you can amplify plant amplifier world purpose and mission of super growth in every ones world of interest for mass adoption to rival cell phone popularity. We bring a world of quantic restoration to every living cell.

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