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006 Free Safe Climate Amplifier Seeds News

  1. Within 1 day of announcing our limited time plant amplifier giveaway we got news of interest from New Mexico, Michigan, Florida growers of cannabis the fastest growing income plant and growers of Hemp, grains, fruits etc. to amplify safe climate answers anyone can grow.

2. We need self-starting partners who don't need a salary or want equity. Profit with plant amplifier.com grows with those who can bring many to try our many products also for people. The limited time giveaway is just for our plant planet enhancer. We need free media coverage due to our commercial start up status.

3. Ironically the humanitarian inventor has prepared the quantic era science for 55 years and has asked plant amplifier to find many ways to virally educate, incentivize and empower the world that the best future action plan is here for those who dare to care and share. Any resourceful individual, nonprofit, company community, region, state or nation may join us and see that our offer is just the beginning of a quantic era of all good possibilities we can start to experience in our lifetime.

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