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005 We can.amp hemp free trial

  1. For a limited time plant amplifier.com may give away our crystalline plant amplifier product for any grower of a minimum 50 acre hemp farm and or a cannabis grower with 10,000 square feet-the average size. Our stats are from visual capitalist.com, modern farmer.com & mjbiz daily. 2.2 pounds, or 1 kilo, for 2.5 acres usually retails for 200.00 with many volume discounts for greater amounts 

2. Oregon grow groups Donald Beaton reports amplifying cannabis growth by 20%. Since our unique in the world grow tech has amped terpenolines in fruit 1200% and we have a total of 20 anecdotal and academic studies after 20 years of work; we’re inviting the world to see quantic era climate science as applied to any agronomy. Attis group's Eli Bilton grows 17 feet high cannabis and says vegetative state science will help him grow to 100. We'd like to share grow science with him.

3. Since we're a commercial startup; pardon some non sequiturs. For example; plantampifier.com refers to the product as a fertilizer; yet it contains no plant or animal substance what’s so ever. Quantic science includes bio photonics and many wave forms needed to make plants and people climate resilient.

4. We prefer adventurous clients like Cadiz, inc, trialing hemp in the Mojave desert. We haven't contacted them yet it's a prime example as is flocanna, hemp inc., Hudson hemp and the Kentucky hemp collective. New Zealand's hikurangi cannabis company trust funding social empowerment companies worldwide. Light engine; l.e.d. Cannabis pros, are going to give us a go; as prominent Pennsylvania growers we may identify by 9/1/19. PA hemp permits grew from 30 in 2018 to 320 in 2019. We identify with that order of growth magnitude since our quantic crystalline safe climate seeds average 30% better yield with most crops. See Albert Bates Hemp climate insights on medium.com. Albert bates.cool Eco restoration camps.org. www.WomenGrow.com

6. An associate of mine has a 5,000 acre hemp grow trialing a similar product in California with data I may share by 9/18. If any 200 acre minimum Hemp farm will envision carbon credits I'll share data on a forestry project where one tree species grew 10-30 feet in the first year when they've never gone beyond 1-2 feet in all the hundreds of years they been cultivated. Imagine the carbon storage acceleration for the hemperor of carbon sequestration and climate restoration. For 1 million acres amp of hemp grown worldwide -in 2017 America had 1500 hemp farmers.

7. The world’s climate challenges us to accelerate what we know and grow. I believe we have a planet amplifier and invite all to do their due diligence to see if it's so and help us grow a new hemp can. Climate victory, never before imagined and now attainable with the right collaborators.

8. I don't know how, or when, our shifting inventory and overhead will intervene with the plant amplifier product giveaway trial so first adopters have zero risk and much to gain, so be a good climate bud and see for yourself if our crystalline seeds are the seeds of a new era.

9. These nano beads are all natural and continue benefiting plants, soil, microbes on a sub cellular level, even neutralizing detrimental man made 3-7 gigahertz emf for 7-15 years without disrupting any electronic device. This took 33 years to develop by Ioan Davidoni and his son Cyprani with 900 inventions and 52 global patents. Ioan Davidoni is known as the Tesla of Europe after 55 years of frontier science. Tesla had a hemp patent in 1926. Think ludicrous Tesla 2.0 global life sciences as a value proposition you're free to see in the world of your grow.

Our proprietary info energetic analysis show quantic crystals may keep benefiting the eco sphere for 7 to 30 years based on local conditions. We have a study how plants may be spontaneously evolving genetically profoundly in 1 to 3 generations.

Wheat kernels increased from 30 to 45 grains per stalk and weight went from 20 to 25 %.


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