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004 Tripling the Emerald Triangle & Central Coast Grow


Wikipedia reports the 3 county triangle accounts for 2/3 of American cannabis growers permits.the emerald triangle alone grows 80 % of us cannabis since the 60’s.similar in size ,the emerald triangle has 1159 permits & the central coast has 1 ,065.

Plant amplifier has increased yield; biocompounds and tends to amplify all plant soil water traits in 3 generations.its been 33 years in development.its affordable,no maintenance,non toxic and refundable.

Since we’re a commercial start up with a limited promotion budget and personnel; for a limited time we’re shipping it free for commercial cannabis plant growers of a minimum 10,000 square feet and Hemp growers with a minimum of 50 acres. Not a fertilizer in any conventional sense, the Chrystaline nano bead amendment is easily applied once to any soil in any climate for amplifying any plant whatsoever.20 studies-anecdotal and academic from a dozen countries have been made and we encourage more every month.our proprietary technology analysis shows it benefits the ecology for 7 to 30 years; the degradation rate depending on local soil and water conditions.no claims intended;see for yourself with your own no risk studies.

We don’t know of anything like it in the last 5,000 years of agriculture. tThe anti fungal anti bacterial potential of all plants and soils can literally grow a safe world climate with the 900 inventions and 52 global patents of ioan Davidoni and his son Cipriani at davidoni.ro. Ioan is known as the Nikola Tesla of Europe and is destined to help everyone grow a higher world in all sciences and arts using wave forms and frequencies most astrophysicists are just starting to quantify much less Harness the value in a unified, balanced and concentrated manner for all life on land,sea and in the air.higher times can be grown virally for those receptive to accept a challenge where everyone wins.

Bob Bealton from Oregon’s grow groups got a 20% Cannabis yield increase after decades of using many best practices.many in Oregon grow cannabis and hemp as economic backups.we gently challenge all to help us amplify the planet when its never been needed more .ask us how you can be a part of the the adventure.text call 936 718 2747 on the east coast. Persistent consistent objective receptivity is the key to all growth and attracts all that’s needed for growth without and within ;with no limits.see or be it ;we all have a choice now.







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