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002 Climate Cures with Post Quantum Tech

Many of the best financiers and governments don't plan whats best for 7 generations due to rule or ruin never enough to go around, generations long conditioning.

First nations visionaries lived harmonics before industrial civilization based on artifice and synthetics.

Thetic science, made to create more problems than solutions. Turning endless eco-disasters like ash tree losses in Nebraska where much of the last seasons corn was not planted due to excess rain is scrooge mcduck trash to cash, dream come true. With post quantum, quantic era science where no one has to win at the expense of another. The science of sciences uses more wave forms and benign electromagnetic fields, math than the real Tesla. Marconi, Alexander graham bell, Dr. Fritz popp and bitcoins originator plus an EPIgenetics model to rival super forests and better food planned by Steve Rowe’s polygenomics. Add ocean and climate restoration with a growing slew of documentation while you’re at it. Dare to think outside your pet solutions to save the world and know quantic era founders will help enhance what’s best about what you’ve learned and earned.

We’re donating quantic era science products to influencers of all categories while supplies last.please validate with your preferred protocols while the opportunities are here.

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